Maturing Overcoming Disciples
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What is Maturing, Overcoming, Disciples ?
Maturing, Overcoming, Disciples is a six month Christian Discipleship/ Mentoring study for Women.  Classes meet twice monthly to study the principles of God's Word.

Who Are Maturing, Overcoming, Disciples? 
Women, of all ages who desire to enhance their knowledge of the Word of God as it relates to maturing in their spiritual walk with the Lord and their ability to bodly share Christ with others.

What is the mission of Maturing, Overcoming, Disciples?
To disciple/mentor Women for spiritual growth and renewal; to enable them to gain greater dependence on God; to live an overcoming life and disciple others.

How is this mission accomplished?
Through the study and application of Biblical principles, prayer, accountability, journaling, leadership and fellowship in intimate group settings of no more than 10 disciples.

What will Maturing, Overcoming, Disciples teach me? 
*  How to study the Bilbe 
*  How to have an effective prayer life
*  How to experience victory in spiritual warfare
*  How to live a Spirit filled life 
*  How to become an effective disciple leader and much more....

What are the registration requirements?
*  An application must be submitted
*  A registration fee of $55 will include your text book, tote bag, spiritual gifts assessment test, graduation        fee, and reception donation.
*  Participants must sign a confidentiality agreement 
*  Discipleship Ring, if desired will be purchased three (3) months into the program

What are the requirements for class completion?
*  Participants are required to attend twelve (12) class sessions
*  Class participation is required of each person 
*  One month prior to graduation, each disciple will be asked to submit the names of new potential disciples.