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Dr. Martin is the Senior Pastor of the Union Missionary Baptist Church. His late wife, Dr. Earlene Martin, was our first lady and Co-pastor.  Under Dr. Martin's leadership and ministry of the Word the Union Church has seen constant growth in its membership spiritually and numerically.  In April of 2000, Dr. Martin led the church from its from location in Dallas, which the church had out grown to its current facility which now has the capacity to accommodate 850 members in each of its worship services. Dr. Martin’s preaching is powerful, challenging, straightforward, bible based and clear to everyone who hears him minister the Word of God.

Dr. Martin received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Bishop College, Dallas Texas (with emphasis in Religion and Philosophy and Music Education) and his Master of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Ft. Worth, Texas (with emphasis in Theology, Pastoral Care, Counseling and Child Education) and he later received his Doctor of Ministry Degree in Christian Nurture from the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Austin, Texas (with emphasis in Pastoral Care, Counseling and Christian Education).